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Students in Years 7 to 9 study core Science. They are exposed to a broad range of topics covering the four major disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences). There is a strong practical focus with students completing scientific experiments and relating their findings to everyday applications.

Additional enrichment units can be offered at Year 9 such as Vine to Wine, Forensic Science and Animal Behaviour.

At Year 10, students may choose from a range of elective units that each run for one semester. Each unit encompasses two of the disciplines Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Through their study of science, students are supported and encouraged to:

  • Acquire and apply a range of scientific knowledge and skills in each of the four strands.
  • Work co-operatively in groups to design/construct, carry out, evaluate and communicate the results of experiments.
  • Complete investigations using appropriate reading, oral and research skills, including those which represent areas of their own interest.
  • Work independently and in an organised manner in class and at home. This includes the completion of set homework activities to support classroom learning.
  • Gain an appreciation of how science can help them to understand their present world and how it may impact on their futures. This includes problem solving strategies transferable to all aspects of their study program.
  • Become familiar with the use of a range of digital technologies in Science, as well as the use and care of scientific equipment.  



What is LASEC ?

Beechworth Secondary College has been awarded an Empowering Local Schools National Partnership Specialisation Grant. Under this Federal Government Scheme, we have been granted $50,000 to develop a Light and Sound Exploration Centre (LASEC@bsc).

This exciting new facility is a teaching and learning space that engages students in scientific and mathematical concepts that are relevant to their lives, interests and futures. Cutting edge practical equipment and teaching programs  provide for primary and secondary students in the North-East  region, allowing learning experiences otherwise only available in Melbourne. At a time when we need to encourage more students to study Physics, Maathematics and Chemistry, this centre provides  hands-on, interesting and fun learning experiences that are hoped to stimulate greater participation.