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Health & P.E.


Year 7  (2 periods per week for 1 semester)

Students -

  • Investigate how social & environmental influences impact on health (drugs, alcohol, tobacco)
  • Develop personal skills by focussing on diet, being assertive, communicating effectively, positive self esteem etc
  • Explore the physical, social & emotional changes associated with adolescence
  • Focus on human development from conception to birth


Year 8  (2 periods per week for 1 semester)

Students -

  • Investigate how drugs & alcohol negatively impact on adolescent health.
  • Focus on the correct use of social media
  • Explore the nature and safe management of risk taking behaviour.
  • Investigate the nature & prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Investigate the need for & use of contraception


Year 9 & 10

Students participate in specific topic-related workshops that focus on adolescent health and development. These workshops are organised in conjunction with the School Nurse, Wellbeing Coordinator and outside agencies.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Beechworth Secondary College aims to develop the individual student’s practical performance in the two main areas of motor skills; acquisition and general fitness.

In Year 7 and 8, students participate in a large variety of physical activities, including Minor games, Volleyball, Softball, Cross-country Running, Soccer, Netball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Touch Rugby and Athletics.

At Year 9, students participate in Sport Education, which develops a holistic approach to sports involvement, engaging students in roles such as committee members, coaches, umpires, equipment setup and media reporters. Students also participate in team tournament play in various sports throughout the year.

For Year 10 Physical Education is offered in two semesters. Semester 1 focuses on peer coaching for specific sports, and developing individualised training programs based on a theoretical understanding of training principles. Semester 2 focuses on energy systems, training methods, individual and team recreational activities.

In VCE, students are able to undertake Units 1 - 4 in Physical Education.


Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is offered to Year 10 students as a semester subject aimed at safely introducing students to a wide range of outdoor activities including kayaking / canoeing, mountain biking, abseiling, bushwalking, orienteering and survival swimming using the local environment.

In VCE, students are able to undertake Units 1 - 4 in Outdoor and Environmental Studies. These units challenge students to critically reflect upon experiences they have in the outdoors in relation to the topics covered in the VCE curriculum.

In Units 1 & 2 students will look at motivations for outdoor experiences, experiencing outdoor environments, investigating outdoor environments and impacts on outdoor environments.

Units 3 & 4 cover topics such as Historical and Contemporary relationships with outdoor environments, and Healthy and Sustainable outdoor environments.