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LOTE stands for Languages other than English. Beechworth Secondary College students learn Indonesian at both Year 7 and Year 8. At Year 9, students are able to choose between Indonesian and ‘Language and Culture’ offered after negotiation between student and teacher.

The learning outcomes focus on the four strands of communication: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Themes range from everyday interests in the middle years, such as self, family and home, school and leisure, food and shopping, to increasing cultural awareness in the later years involving a study of attitudes to modern life and each country’s individual heritage.

The course involves a wide range of activities which develop different forms of communication. including:

  • performance and creation of pair work
  • word games and quizzes
  • role plays
  • surveys and interviews
  • skits and plays
  • letter and journal writing
  • reading booklets, magazines and other documents
  • investigation and discussion of different ways of life and the appreciation and analysis of art, song, verse and film.


Excursions to relevant restaurants, businesses, gardens and the zoo have been designed to support and extend classroom teaching. Guest speakers and exchange students are also drawn upon to bring the language to life. A trip to Malaysia is organised every two years.

Students who have significant connection to a different language may qualify to continue their studies through our Distance Education program (conditions apply).  For details see the Distance Education Policy or discuss with the Principal.