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Schooling which equips students for the challenging world of the twenty-first century needs to ensure that students are supported to take increasing responsibility for their own learning, their physical, personal and social wellbeing, their relationships with others and their role in the local, national and global community.

Student Voice

The notion of ‘student voice’ helps meet the objectives of developing the interdisciplinary skills vital for such learning. It also ensures that the needs of individual students guide the design of more personalized, differentiated learning plans.

Student Voice is the individual and collective perspective and actions of young people within the context of learning and education at Beechworth Secondary College.

This can include, but isn't limited to, active or passive participation, knowledge, voting, wisdom, activism, beliefs, service, opinions, leadership, and ideas. Student Voice reflects identity, andcomes from a person's experiences, ideals, and knowledge.

It is underpinned by:

  • An active and engaged Student Forum made up of leaders from every year level.
  • Meaningful student involvement, which is a process for engaging students as partners in school improvement for the sake of education, community, and democracy.
  • Student engagement, which is the excitement and investment a young person feels towards learning.
  • Student consultation, which is a systematic process for listening to students' opinions about school.
  • Student participation, which is a self-determined act of students committing to something in school.
Download the Student Code of Practice

What Can Student Voice Positively Affect?